No Need To Fear Death... :)'s kind, gentle touch will release you of all pain and bring you back home, where love is never missing to be found, where you are accepted for all you are and are not, where you finally exhale in peace and I, personally can't wait for the reaper to visit me again and for good this time. :)

yes we cry when someone dies, but that's a selfish cry over our loss, when we should rejoice over their gain.
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Not all that die wish to see the Light, have you heard of shadow figures? Sad creatures who don't want to heal, who don't want to give their problems to God, those who don't want to forget their sorrow, those who revel in darkness. They are called earthbound spirits, forever walking the Earth aimlessly wandering around indulging in their pain and suffering, basically preferring their own made hell over heaven. Some people like Death more than life, they don't wish to get out of a pit of suffering, they don't have any faith, they don't want to be happy, they just don't want to believe that they can be happy...some are so blinded by their "ego" own little worlds wrapped in selfishness that they can't see God. Blinded by darkness, by the self... Unwilling to acknowledge something or someone greater that can help them to smile and shine again.<br />
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Believe me some never reach Heaven, Life...they stay in Death on Earth...attached to the material egotistic existence.<br />
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You must make your case right with God before you die, you must find heaven within yourself, you must find God and the Light within yourself before you die, otherwise you just end up being a shadow, eternally sad and suffering tortured by themselves and lack of belief...having no faith in themselves and God any longer.<br />
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They don't Fear Death of soul, they Fear Life...we should fear ending up like those who don't Fear Death (who like being dead within).

Yeah, I know what you are talking about. Those who were lost in life here will be lost in life there...we just go on being who we are. I do believe the place we end up in is of our own creation. As we are a part of God, who is the Creator, so are we and we co-create Multiverses, Multiheavens and Multihells for ourselves. Nobody is ever truly lost. God's love is immense and "He" has advanced spirits appointed to help the lost. All it takes is for the lost soul to have a glimpse moment of self doubt on being all alone. Life's tough. We all have periods when we love it and periods that make us think we can't possibly take any more problems, it's just too much for us. What I wanted to say was that death is not to be feared. People fear that it will be shocking, painful experience. In my experience it was seamless transition into beauty, peace and love. That's all.