I Tell Myself I Will Stop Wanting Adventures, But..then..

After a while, telling myself ok, no, you wont go there, no more...or travel somewhere dangerous or whatever..and then after a respite, I do it again...and its exciting!..wherever it is, or whatever I do...here we go again...I guess that appeals to me for some reason, I take risks, at times, then Im glad to come home...whether a job or something else.

littlepurrr littlepurrr
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5 Responses Jan 4, 2010

Hey cat, sure, a vacation is whats called, for, so Im enjoying the forest, come on, enjoy it too!...no more big adventures when some are right in my own back yard...")

OUI!<br />
I understand this!<br />
I went to The Grand Canyon a few years ago.<br />
It was wonderful!<br />
I have an idea, let's hike it together? <br />

;) hi, thanks for the comment, yes, Im off on a nice trip soon...bringing my lappy top along:)

heeh..well when the adventure presents itself, and you can do it..go for it...:) cute av.

I think it's not a bad thing. I wish I was more like you!