I Found a New Gas Station!

My new thing today is not as exciting as expected, but it is a step!! I went to a new gas station today.

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12 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Thank you, that was the best complement!

I am the king, or should I say the queen!

OK! I was in this formal party lately, and a guy was asking another lady next to me how she was (in a flirty way) and I thought I was the subject of attention and tried to teach him a listen!!!

I am a natural, that was just a drop from ocean of embarrassment inside me!!!

Hmm, dont make nimbus a part of it! ;)

@ Zeggle, I am really good at embarrassing myself! does that count?<br />
<br />
@ lucifer: nop, I was kind of robbed!

I hope they had fair gas prices.

Thanks, I am planning to do something shameful, but I have no idea what!

yaya!!!!!! Lets hear it for mahsa... :-)

Like the thing Anschel did and can't share it here. I have never done anything that I can't share. In my age, it's a shame!

Thanks, one step at a time!! maybe one day I'll do something that I can't share! that's is kind of a goal!!

Oh that's nice, going to somewhere you haven't been to before. :) It is a step. ^^