I did something new with my friends but I don't want to share it here. Lol.

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@Lucifer, hahah dancing with broken bones, now that sounds fun! I'd probably be inside a coffin now if that happened. :P<br />
<br />
@bubblebutterfly, wow long user name compared to the previous one hehe but it's cute! :D

u hired a ********?

okay....<br />
you got drunk and danced on top of a roof listening to modern dance music only to trip and fall off the roof. Your friends saw you and stood still for a moment before everybody resumed dancing again, you included. That it?

Lol! Drinking is involved but without rodeo clowns or bull riding! I haven't even tried mechanical bull riding or something like that hehe. Hmmm I wonder if I can try that soon lol!

I'm going to make a guess here.....You did a body shot off of a rodeo clown.

Oh I didn't mean it in a bad way lol! I should have said "I can't share it here" hehehe!

Thanks anyway!! I guess.