Prevented Potential Automobile Accident

So, sometimes when our friends have had too much to drink they think something silly feels like a good idea. In this case, my friend saw a spare tire on the sidewalk and thought watching it roll across the street would be satisfactory. I believe he imagined it making its way clear across to the other did not. Stopped dead in the middle of the street in fact. Maybe it wasn't the smartest idea but I didn't see any harm in running out and grabbing it after a few cars managed to maneuver around this blown out spare tire now in the middle of a usually busy street. There may have been some cars in the distance but all I could think about was someone running over this tire and damaging something serious on a very cold night, so...I grabbed it. Don't worry I first removed my glove so only my hand was greasy and dirty.
bethanyrc bethanyrc
26-30, F
Jan 15, 2011