Manners Are Nice.

I want to write about doing something really simple, but something nice. "Have a nice day". I work in a shop, at the checkout, and i'm pretty sure, to the majority of customers, that makes it seem like i'm not real, i'm not human, i'm not intelligent, and i dont have anything else to do but work in a little shop. And some people are rude and horrible, and blame you for things that aren't your fault... but then you get a lovely person that takes the time out of there day to ask you how you are, and to say "have a nice day". It's unbelievable how good it makes you feel that a stranger has said that to you, for no reason. I'm always like "yes....yes i WILL have a nice day". So from now on, I always say "Have a nice day" to cashiers, to waiters, to barmaids, to any staff that would rather be out in the sunshine, or at home reading a book or watching tv, or anything. It's such a small thing, but i find it nice.
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Have a nice day. And nice to meet you.

I do the same thing... Former waitress

I love telling people to have a nice day. I love that you love that too! :) For me it is one of the nicest things to hear when you have been in a shop and I always say it to people. Awwwwwwwww *hugs*

we all need to hear good words that cheer us up ;make us feel good even we are not all right . moral is the process with which we carry on and it decides if we will have a fantastic life or not . even though it 's so capital in our life ; it depends just on simple things that don't cost the eyes of the earth like a sweet words or a lovely smile :) . so let's make each other life nice and be happy :D

It is nice to hear any kind words from people. Especially if they appear to be sincere. The have a nice/good day, that the check out clerks say everywhere you go, is so automatic, that if you say to them *I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.* They don't know what you are talking about. You can see them trying to remember if they said something to you or not.

It is nice trust me not that i work as a waiter or a barmaid but my love works in the hotels i hear so many stories about the manners of people even when i go out for dinner i thank every one of them even if its part of them im grateful no matter what.