Helped My Friends

I m a btech student doing my course in Information Technology.
Today our lecturer in charge was absent so we had nothing much to do in our lab.In the lab i sat in between two of my friends,i was just doing something fun in my computer.I then just looked at my friend near to me.I saw her staring at her system with watery eyes.Iwas surprised and asked her what happened.
She replied me that she was trying to correct her program for the last two classes.Ireally felt guilty myself that i didnt knew it before.The teacher in charge for today had already given an assignment.But i was determined to help her.
We sat together and compiled the program and corrected the errors.It took a lot of time as some are really hard to identify.Atlast teacher came for checking the output and asked to show my program.There was nothing of mine i could show her.She scolded me and asked me to move out without causing much distraction.I just moved out.I know my friend was helpless and she cant do anything about it coz i asked her to be quiet abt the help else she would also has to b out of the lab.

Finally the bell rang and all of us were back at the class rooms.My friend ran to me and she hugged and kissed me and she was crying.
I felt a heart full of satisfaction. Iwas really happy the whole day.
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you are great friend in need

As expected frm u, I know. I dont think there is need to say any more.

I hope you must be a dearest friend to her till now...

it happens in college days .you did a good thing .

your story reminded me of my best friend,

he cared to teach me whole micro economics in single night with tears in his eyes, while doc advised him not to strain his eyes much.

and next time i met him, he was wearing glasses.

wow that was a wonderful frnd

that is why i love all my friends too much, god knows who will become an unforgettable like him.

he didn't told me anything about that at that time, otherwise i will not let him do that.

i am glad to have such a nyc person in my frnd circle...........thnks alot

Well done. Your friend is also a great person for acknowledging what you did for her. :)


bavi goood :)

good work.

grt!!! yu r so nyce

ty dear

u r so sweet :)


You did a great thing:)

That's really admirable of You!