Bye Bye Facebook

I deactivated my facebook account. Perhaps you're asking yourself: "Is that something nice to do?" Let me tell you the story:

I'm a medical student who used to make my facebook friends laugh to death because of my funny posts. I was addicted to facebook that even people used to call me "Dr.Facebook". All in all, I deactivated my facebook account not because I accepted my parents' advice, but also I didn't want people to see me as a ridiculous doctor who makes people laugh.

Deactivating my facebook account was my greatest hardship ever. Thanks to Experience Project, because without it, I wouldn't tolerate activating back my facebook account. And thanks for reading my short story.
Cashiiib Cashiiib
18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Excellent choice on your part Cashiiib, and a great story too.

Thank you lafsnack.

I deleted mine, as well, after considerable thought, I decided it isn't a good thing, and in the end could possibly "work against us all, due to the lack of anonymity," inho....Congradulations, on what I consider a truly wise decision....jb....

Thank you Jackblasio for your support. Facebook is kind of bad addiction.

I have heard of some employers demanding to evaluate employee candidates as well as their employees Facebook accounts in order to "judge" their character. WOW This definitely describes their warped priorities and their decision to be followers who choose not to use their inherent ability to think and form opinions on their own!!! More than likely they should be worrying about "Customer Satisfaction",and compensating their employees accordingly!!!. Scary and Sad!!!!<br />
<br />
Congratulations on your Healing Aspirations!! I truly hope you are a thinker who will search the globe for the solutions necessary to heal your fellow human, or animals!!!!! If so, you will be a GREAT PERSON!!! Thank You!!!!!!!

You are one of the little people who congratulated me for my action . THANK YOU. I'll be a GREAT PERSON. I won't let you down.