Made Out With A Dude.

This was my first time getting drunk and my first gay experience. I was sitting at the backyard of a mates house, feeling pretty damn good with myself. Everyone's having so much fun inside but i'm really just enjoying sitting on a lawnchair staring at the stars. There was only one guy out here to my left who I didn't know.

We started talking and getting physical (not like sexually or romantically, just... you know, drunk physically. Grabbing eachother.. and other drunk nonsense like that) until he finally kinda pinned my arms up so I couldn't fight back. Again, we were just messing around. He holds me there looking in my eyes. As an awkward guy I couldn't help but look away. He kinda moves his face closer to mine. I knew what he was doing but I didn't fight. He tilts his head to one side while I slightly tilt mine to the other. Finally his lips on mine. I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

After about 40 seconds, I could feel his tongue. I started using mine aswell. I pulled back and told him I didn't want my friends to see. We went over behind the shed thing, sat on the grass side by side and starting kissing again. He started... feeling me up to which I kinda liked a lot. We did this for another 10 minutes. I layed about 3 meters from him on the floor the entire night, but I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of him. That night definitely answered a lot of questions for me.

no homo
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Thats kinda cute ...:-)

It sounds like you were experimenting, you could just be bi-curious especially where you were also under the influence of the drink.