First Time Drinking

I went to my grandmas recently and I have some friends around the place where she lives. Anyway I'm more of an "indoor girl" i don't like going out and partying like crazy and getting drunk, it's not me. However all that went to hell when I went out with this guy friend who kept making me drink more an stupidly I gave into peer pressure and got very very drunk. I got so drunk that all my morals flew out the window. I remember feeling very sick and the guy I was with there kept trying to kiss me and make out, then I went to the bathroom and he followed me and he hugged me then made out more and he put his hand down my pants and fingered me. That felt disgusting to even type. I remember thinking "this isn't nice" "what am I doing" but I didn't stop him and I really wish I had. After that we went out te bathroom and went straight home with some other friends. The next day began my depression. I feel so violated and disgusted with my self. I've never been that far with a boy and I keep calling myself a **** and judging myself. I haven't been eating properly and I'm constantly crying to myself. I'm weak and pathetic and Im never drinking again ever. I'm only 16 anyway.. I've realised that I'm definitely not ready for stuff like that. I wrote a song/poem thing which I may share in here about my experience and feelings :'( I'd appreciate some help :(
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Jan 12, 2013