'i Would Wreck That Chick"

I went to a party with friends, I hadn't intended to overdo it, I only brought a single bottle of wine, but one thing led to another and I ended up drinking way too much.

The night wore on and I woke up at home and It was a blackout night.  Only thing is I felt a massive sense of dread all day, it kept getting worse and worse.  Soon I found myself bursting into tears randomly.  I tried to go to bed and get some sleep but I kept waking up and crying.

I finally got ahold of one of the friends I was at the party with and I told her what I was going through and I begged her to tell me what happened at the party.

What happened was, that in total earshot of this friend, A woman who I consider a great friend, someone who I think of as an older smarter sister, I said in reference to her "I would wreck that chick"  And she told me that she was dissapointed and hurt that I would say something so rude about her.  Even worse, she has been dating my best friend for nearly 10 years now.

I am sick with regret about this.  I cant beleive I would say something like this about her,  because I honestly love her dearly - as a friend.  Now I feel like I betrayed that friendship and I truly feel that I have damaged a relationship that is very special to me. 

She told me to forget about it and that it was OK,  but even now the sorrow I feel is almost unbearable.

chedi22 chedi22
36-40, M
Apr 5, 2010