Haven't We All?

this is the funniest f*cking group yet. im loving the icon though which is the main reason i decided to join this group. haha if my boobs really were brains i'd have a 50% chance of being the next einstein.

i'm blonde.
my every day is doing something stupid.
this morning i made toast and whilst buttering it knocked it off the kitchen counter and into the cat-food bowl below.


so..lets see....its pretty hard to go back and retrace all of my steps but heres some more of the "stupid" stuff i've done recently...

  1. lost my phone on silent mode in my room, waiting for an important phone call, not too happy with that.
  2. listening to pink's new hit single sober while getting drunk...oh the irony....im not sure if that's actually stupid or it just sounds like it...so i'll just leave it here now that i have it typed out.
  3. keep piling more work on myself and now its almost time to go to bed and i still only have maybe 3% of the workload accomplished.
  4. leaving water boiling over on the stove.
  5. when i was microwaving one of those frozen pizzas i set the wrong time on it and instead of doing minutes i did seconds and when i came back during a commercial expecting it to be done it still wasn't cooked.
  6. singing songs that im not positively sure what some of the lyrics are and end up sounding like a total tart (but on the bright side i'm pretty sure all of us are guilty of this at some point).
  7. stripping down....forgetting to close the blinds before getting undressed...yeah i guess this should really be more towards the top... at least it was innocent this time tho...

ahhhh thats it i hope!

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

I'm surprised at you. I have NEVER done anything stupid since the last time. That was five minutes ago.