I'm So Stupid Lots of the Time!

I'm going to spend a bit of time reading all those stories.

I'm pretty sure I can think up quite a few stupid things I've done. I can't blame my age as I've been doing stupid things all my life!

One that springs to mind is when I walked home from work one day - took me around 25 minutes (health kick)  and thought my car had been stolen as it wasn't parked in front of the house. You've guessed - I forgot that I'd driven the car to work that morning so it was still parked in the car park near my work. I went in and announced to my family what I'd done before turning around and walking back to collect the car. I wasn't annoyed with myself  - I just thought it was funny...and my tea was ready for me when I arrived home the second time.

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I once woke up 40 minutes late, on a day when there would be a substitute in the classroom I was working in. I was responsible for teaching first period. The teacher and principal were in a meeting,, so I had no idea who to contact to tell them I would be late.I had changed my lesson plans the night before, but not formally submitted anything. My teacher got pulled from her meeting to help the sub find the non-existent plans. She then got reprimanded by the principal. ( I had a conversation with the teacher about it the following week, as I was out for University class the following day. ) COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and INEXCUSABLE, No?

Haha... Sounds like something I would do.