Aye Shawty

Last night, I had so much emotions going on I was lost. I couldnt sleep so I went out and took a little walk. I went downtown, where I felt the most at home. I sat there in alley for the longest time, just taking everything in thinking of whats going to be my next move. All of a sudden I heard someone laughing, so I got up and went see what was up. What I saw amazed me, I never seen this before in my life but there was like this community of homeless men and women.. I asked them what was going on and they were some of the nicest people I have ever met. They went on telling me that this is what they do every night, they share all the food that the came across during the day, the money they would get they would save and would by different things like blankets, jackets, clothes, and shoes. I felt so pitiful that they were happier than I have ever been, so I excused myself.. I went on walking, I kept walking until I was completely alone again.. All I could think of was drugs.. I got so desperate I needed something.. I went to the side of town that most wouldnt dare go, but I knew that where I need to go to get what I wanted. Once I got there it was like I had walked back into my hometown, back where I belonged, back to where I want to be, I didnt expect these people to accept me walking on there turf, but I didnt give a **** at that point. I could point out who was on drugs and who to go to get them by just looking at them. I didnt say anything to anyone, till someone spoke to me..

"Aye shawty, what you doing on this side of town with ya fly self." Thats what I got out of some man, and I was so thankful that someone hollared at me. It was an easy way to start everything off.
I told him I was just walking around, that I was new to this area... Thats what hit it all off.. I was invited to their little hangout. They was smoking weed, I smelt it and it just rushed all back into me, they passed it to me, I knew in my mind that I shouldnt because weed would lead to more, but I went and took the biggest hit of it. When it got in and started working. I felt amazing, it wasnt what I really wanted but I can say cali kush is so much better than what I am used to.

The night went on, and these people really was the crowd I wanted to be in. By the end of the night, I had 12 conection to get anything I wanted. I never thought that it would of been so easy..

I am very ashamed of it, but my life is in ruins anyway. The pain is to much for me to take... Maybe I can just keep it at just weed..
imperfectbeauty imperfectbeauty
18-21, F
May 22, 2012