How I Sustained An Elbow Injury On Thanksgiving

I fell trying to do the moon walk! 

I was DOIN it, too!  I was on the hardwood floor, in front of the fireplace at my mother's brand new house.  Me and my teenage daughter started moonwalkin....I was showin her how it was DONE!  My sock snagged on the wood and I tripped, going backwards....landed STRAIGHT on my elbow!!!  Owwww!!  But, I got right back up and moon walked some more.... lolololol.....!!!  My brother was like, "Oh my gosh!  Are you okay??"  Everyone was crackin up.

The rest of the night was ****.

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3 Responses Nov 28, 2006

Great Story! A few years ago at Christmas time my mother and I were at her house cooking. My brother and stepfather were hunting at the time and not at home. My mom and I decided to start a nice fire in the fireplace. What we didn't know was that the damper was closed. The whole downstairs filled with smoke. Meantime my step dad and brother came in. I had cut the ceiling fan on and opened the door to let the smoke out. Well that year we had a really tall Christmas tree and the ceiling fan started hitting the top of the tree and the ornaments were flying off the tree from the fan hitting them. We stood there trying to gain control of the situation I mean you could barely see through all the smoke! Maybe you would have to be there but it was hysterical! My mother and I felt like Lucy and Ethel!

Thank goodness that we have the capacity to laugh at ourselves!!!!

GADS...ROFLMAO!!! I pulled a ***** like that one year in my long flannel gown.( my SEXY flannel!lol) I forgot it went down to my ankles, tried to do a high- kick, back of the gown went tight against my standing leg--- and threw me right on my arse!! No bruises except my pride!!!