I have had so many experiences where I have done or said something that has induced laughter and not known what the hell was so funny..   I can remember clearly one summer day when it was particularly humid and I was laying on my couch in front of the fan and still sweating like... well like a guy on a couch on a hot day..  I jumped up and yelled " I'm Hot, I'm Sticky, and I just don't like it!"  Apparently between the way I said it and the motions I made, it was really funny because my cousin was laughing hysterically, I took a shower, came back out and she was still laughing about it...   I think the heat had affected our brains too..   That's just one of those moments, there's been a lot, I know my mom had the same thing, she could say something with such great delivery that she didn't think it was that funny but I still chuckle when I think of it.. So I guess it's just another way I take after her... And that's ok with me :)

BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
31-35, M
Jun 12, 2009