The Unexpected Me

My story written in this column by bitter experiances organisations did delibaretly to me and others we don't to begun I believes I will begun with the lack of politicians that had to much love m themself on camera to spread bullshit while the real horor happens behind the camera.
Once I was young like evryones else,then I fell something that I couldn't understand,I thought that I was fell in love with married men and often I have got robbed and mess never stop in my life like someone freaks have an eyes on me for wrong reasons.then that first married men didn't work,then come the second that was like war world 2 everythings even messier,till the 3rd hit me by the biggest robbed and scary one I had experianced in my life,I thought my people criminals,that was wrong to even think after those bad trauma by traumas I come to the knowledge that I wasn't bad person and god wasn't punishing me=there is organiser did this math of bet without losing but earning=how???

The Italians/Greek womens married educated English,white Americans,Danish,german,swedish,and any white natives.then they first hubby have an affair so they have nasty divorce the womens walk away with the money left the white guys with terriable curse and bad behaviours so others could ruins her ex hubby,then second hubby same case,then 3rd hubby same till finnaly have enough money they married their own kind(Greek/Italian),
what is got to do with me is?
Every natives women in developing country will be the preys for the greedys Greek Italians,and on top of that is why so many natives(whites and developed country)get kick out by educations and left for stock the greedys wives Italians/Greek to set scripts to their hubby.
For a flash I thought I was crazy but I wasn't I fo details by details incidents by incidents,there is organiser maniacs that I believes run hitlers heads crazier then ever(DRUGS)and all this coming from Greek methods this is why we all goin to see often the pure natives whites gone looney and suiceido,trust me ordinary people has been drugs in their meals or drinks and the unnatural bad behaviours reforms in the innocents body.
Here we are it's so many Greek and Italians in America.
I am talking this organiser that I believes most of em Greek/Italians.

I am here tryibg to help nations to be aware of the poisons reactions,this is just to prevents you guys away from depressions and suicido.

I was once there and I look arround I was surrounding by this colour,if the world says I have got no right to written this then what make they have rights to kill population and blackmailing in such hig intelligences games that ordinary wouldn't know about it?

I just wish justice come arround after what suffers they have course others they for they dictators eyes on ordinary people and how scripts they had made to bribes someones over married cases.which one do you think is the bad guys behind it,please help me with conversations once for all for me to proof I wasn't wrong about the fine knowledge of wipe populations and ripped of the honest hubby with gathering in black mailings the horror movie guys"what do you see?I often see Greek/italian/spanish,even exorcism and others,thougth for the minutes was Satan but that was drugs and the person they had drugged never took a drugs before in their life so turns out exorcism!

Can wait to get reply by all of you want to supports the truth and justice once for all the liars up there will shake downs from they comforts games and the unfairs rights that exist for some which preys for reasons to corrupts more!

I still lookin for the engages oppurtunities to the worlds to supports those who preys for greedys to clean up innocents people sweats!
Peachywiney Peachywiney
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I don't want to spread wrong messages here,I just want the world to know how bad criminals they have done to the nations.they have even sometimes didn't pay the workers the have hires(typical Greek /Italians liars as the teeths they got)I hope they all pay for what they have coarse to this world

I am on my missions to clear my name and my husband also others ex husband in the world that ever been in set scripts turns out nasty divorce in their lives.things are so unatural when it comes hunger for power,money,without rights steps and rules.I felt sorry to guys who finished they education and have sweats themself for what peny theve earns,the evils ex wive organiser did!