I Wanna Do Something Crazy And...

I wanna do something crazy and spontaneous!!!  I love a new adventure!!!
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18-21, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2007

I was working at a business part time when i was 16. This man that ran it told me that i was beautiful and had an amazing body. I said oh how nice... He said no really you are built so good for your age. I turned around and wiggled and smiled as if to tease him. He said i would give anything to have a girl like you once. I said so have me... He came over and kissed me so nice then dropped to his knees and kissed my boobs and the next thing you know i was breathing hard and ******** down. He put me on a table with my legs hanging over and made me literally scream with pleasure over and over. I thought i was going to die. I had to have him and pulled him to me and he unzipped his pants and put a rather large thing in me and pumped me so hard and he came so hard. After it was over he said you felt so damn good, I said so did you and let me know when your balls are charged back up because i want some more of that today.