Shot Out

This past weekend i got a call from some friends wanting me to go to florida with them,so i packed ma **** and left,I have to say it was off the hook we had a great time,id do mit agian any day.
Andre Andre
22-25, M
3 Responses Jul 6, 2007

Where in Florida, it's home to me. Did ya go fishing? I use to live in South Fl. and use to go to the Key to fish alot. Love red Snapper, Grouper and doulpin. I live in north Fl now and the fishing is so different, I'm on a bay but the water is brackish, so we don't get salt water fish... Miss it

I LOVE spontaneous trips :) It's what makes life so exciting!

wow. i've always said i'd be ready to just pick up and go...and i have a few times, but not as far as florida. this is a definite inspiration. i need to do something spontaneous in the near future.