Magical? Yeah What Ever

it all started as a party

everyone was invited its great and no parents even better

i arrived soooo excited this was gona be great i could get smashed with all my mates and hook in with one of my mates who i alwyas hooked in with i couldnt have asked for anything better.

i dressed myself up so much. i wanted to look hot as hell itself.

when i got there the smile on my face couldnt have been bigger then.....the alcohol came :)

we drank and drank and drank JOY!

during this night i met a few blokes i hadnt met before that was cool. oks so we all decided to go sit out the front

i was sitting next to a guy n talking to him n laghing with my friends to. we would call out to the passing cars "hey party over here you invited here?" to see if they were supposed to come to our party but were lost.

then a 4wd came passed slowed down then sped up down the road we were all like wtf but laughing it was great. then it came back slowed down again then me and a friend thought o well and got up and walkd over to it and a guy got out. and we realised we knew him it was all cool. we said "HEY MAN" n he gave my friend a big hug then saw me n reached out and i put my arms around him this was weird since it had been a long while since i had hugged Mr X (Mr X being replacement name) a while being say about 9 years hahahaha.

ive known him since like grade1 and our mothers were always good friends so we would see each other outside school but it was always friends but we never really made much of an effort with the friendship but it was always there.

so anyway id had a few drinks soon got over it then i took him inside and showed him where he could put his beers. we made small talk untill some people came into the room we were all talking.

then drink after drink after drink after drink.

i thought "I WANA DANCE NOW!" so i did hahaha.

i went over to Mr X and started dancing....very provoctavly. i think back and think what was i thinking?!? this is Mr X ive known him for ages and ages and he could have any girl why is he dancing back?

(keep in mind everyone has been drinking ALOT and Mr X and i have had plenty)

then i feel his hands hold me and then as i look up at him he kisses my head....

im sorry but this is a pivitol moment in my life

then Mr X whisperd in my ear "later yeah?" n i whisperd "yea" i mean what was i supposed to say? this was Mr X if i had a chance with Mr X im gona take it i may not have this chance again.

then someone else came in the room we are gona call him Mr Y now Mr Y and myself have hooked up many times and we are good friends mmmm not a very good mix but were still friends so i guess im undecided.

so anyway me and Mr X seperated and i began to dance with Mr Y and Mr X asked Mr Y for his alcohol because he brought Jack Daniels. after much talk of this Mr Y gave in to Mr X and decided to crack the seal and do shots.

we went and sat around the side of the house and a few follwed. Mr X sat on a ledge and i sat bellow him in between his legs and agian he kissed my head and Mr Y sat infront of me. and the rest just stood.

we did shots which was fun but which has also complicated my memory status. so we kind of jump to sitting on the lounge between Mr X and Mr Y both touching me (back leg or something nothing to suss)

i had to make a decision.....but i couldnt i couldnt choose between Mr X and Mr Y. so i decided to dance with of my friends who walked into the room Mrs Z so Mrs Z had also had a few drinks n was willig to dance with me.

i remember turing around to see them both staring at me with looks of "come with me" it killed me inside. i stopped and looked at them when Mr Y got up and left. i begged him to come back but he ignored me and Mrs Z followed him.

so then Mr X and i moved to the bedroom but nothing evolved from this. then i decided to go see Mr Y who i found alone i felt bad we talked then i saw Mr X aproaching....i had forgotten about him i felt bad. but then the 3 of us got talking in our drunken state.......and what do 2 horney drunk guys and 1 drunk girl wana do?

god bad bad bad idea. i at least i can laugh about it now. so the 3 of us decided to "go for a walk" we stumbled out the front door onto the lawn and made it to the otherside of the road which was council property. then both guys collapsed on the grass. i couldnt get them up they were too drunk.

then Mr Y herd someone calling his name so he raced inside like RAN. quiker than i could say Mr Y.

then Mr X and i were alone.....

we made out and stuff nothing big then we got across the road back to house and then he crashed on the lawn. we made out some more. then Mrs Z came out. and then some followed and unfortunatly Mr X and Mrs Z had a bit too much to drink and had to be attended to.

after people helping him in helping him spew helping him into bed he rested. for a few hours.

the party had died down alot by this stage but was still very good.

after this few hours Mr X came out and we all welcomed him back into the scene. and i decided MORE DRINKS FOR ALL mmmm me and my great ideas.

so i drank some more which has caused me to loose some more story but i remember lying on the pavement with him on the side  of the house making out then we decided to move it to somewhere else.

the location i will not tell incase some ****** works out who i am.

the next i remember is we were doing it like no tomorrow. i wont give graphic info you get the gist.

we came out with people around the place.

we played it off like we were talking they all belived except for Mr Y

we all just lounged around until the sun began to come out i talked over what happned with Mr Y. and then something happned that turned everything around.

we were all in the lounge and Mr X comes in CANT REMEMBER A THING he proclaims. crushed is a nice way of putting what i felt. i went outside and spoke to him he protested he couldnt remember anything i was devistated.

i walked away in a horrible mood he knew i wasnt happy. then he followed me in asking to talk to me i said no he asked again pleeding that he could talk to me in private. i agreed and followed him into the lounge and sat down next to him.

this conversation seemed to go on for a while. we conversed about what we would do. what happend. who would we tell. who already knows.

to me he tells all he knows exzactly what happend that night and what we said the next morning he left me with a kiss goodbye and this will be my fondest memory of  Mr X.

i wont bore you with all the rest. but now hes out of my life and doesnt want to be a part of me. i miss him and in some ways feel we made a great mistake that night but in other ways but thats how its supposed to be maybe.......thats how the cookie crumbles.

FreakOutLooseControl FreakOutLooseControl
18-21, F
Aug 25, 2006