Write A Poem About A Painting - St George and the Dragon

“Well, Mr George, excuse me if I swoon or vomit,
But they should give you a flag with a spurt of blood on it.
I don’t doubt that among vets you have no rival
But I asked you to lance his boil, not his eyeball.
Getting blood on my new carpet slippers!
Would you have cut off his legs if his claws had needed clipping?
So, do get down off your high horse
And take a proper look at him, he’s out of sorts.
There was the boil… his olive scales have lost some of their shimmer,
And his roar is little more than a simpering whimper.
His tail is springy, his chest tight.
His constant smoking is choking me but his tinderbox refuses to light.
But at least he could see.  Before.
Now, because of you, he can’t even do that anymore.
I barely need to keep him on his collar.
How’s he supposed to guard my honour?”
CrookedMan CrookedMan
Dec 1, 2012