I Took One In London

I was not very impressed with the course. The seminar leaders and lecturers treated the students like kindergarten kids. We were never given constructive criticism and were not allowed to give it to each other either. How can anyone improve their writing without knowing their flaws as well as their strong points? I honestly believe I learnt more from the opinions of other students than I did from the lecturers or the course itself. I also found they added many courses within the Creative Writing course that I felt were not exactly relevant. Add to that the absolute lack of organisation of the university staff and how they always messed up important information of mine and allowed me to waste precious money coming 100km to find out lectures were cancelled... I had had enough and I quit the course to go to Canada, where I found the courses sounded far more interesting and were more closely focused on creative writing and the multiple genres within that. Unfortunately foreign students were charged 3 times as much as Canadian students, so I never did take another Creative Writing course since that disaster in London.

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Mar 25, 2009