Tried it a few times before, the bottle went flying. One time my friend told me to chew the mentos and take a mouth full of the diet coke. If I could keep it in my mouth for 5 seconds, she would give me twenty bucks. Lol I tried but it was an automatic fail. Just made a huge mess.
RoastedCycki RoastedCycki
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LMFAO! I just tried it but with vinegar and baking soda. It said "run" but nothing happened. My niece and I tried it over and over and finally I got the right combo and it poured all over my kitchen table. It was a huge MESS but worth every laugh and scream we had running away.
I had so much fun.
I heard the Mentos and Diet coke is MUCH worse.

Wow haha. I tried the vinegar and baking soda before because I had to make a volcano for a project but it didn't work. Lol idk how you managed to get it

Yup for sure! I would have been in alot of trouble if I used the diet coke and mentos for my volcano project.

OK. That settles it! Now I HAVE to try it. Next time I shop I'm getting mentos and diet coke. hahahahahhaha