Pee Pee Dance

I was at an interview it entailed a group interview a presentation 2 exams and an individual interview so as you could imagine it went on for a while. i'd travelled quite a way to get to the interview but hopefully it would be worth it so the last time i had peed was before i left at 6.45am that morning. it was a hot day so i'd been drinking lots of water throughout the day. i usually don't need the toilet that often when i'm out and hadn't been yet. we'd been moved to a new part of the building and told to wait while we were called into the out individaul interviews. we were all sat there nervously wait chatting generally to pass the time. it was about 12.30pm ish as the individual interviews started we were told each interview would last about 20 mins. i looked around there were 18 of us waiting and i was begining to feel the need for the toilet but wasn't too worried about it. i didn't want to risk going to the toilet as i didn't want to be missed being called as i wasn't sure what order they were planning to see us in. there was me and one other person left and the time seemed to drag on for ever i looked at my watch it was was going up to 6pm this was taking a redicuously long time. the urge to pee was becoming quite prominant but just then i was called. i followed the women along what seemed like endless corridors till we eventually reached a small room. the interview lasted about the 20 mins which was specified i was shown out of the building which i'm glad i was as i'd have never done it myself with all the different corridors and turn there was to take. i looked at my watch and realised i better get a move on if i was to get the train in time to catch my second. the station was just a short distance away and when i got there saw my train just pull in so i jumped on it was a tiny train just two small carridges but in no time i was at the station where i would catch my next train i got on it just in time. i quickly found a seat and got my book out to read as it would be another hour and a half before i got to my station. the need for the toilet was prodominant now and at first the book helped my take my mind of it but not for long i put my book away and decided i was going to have to brave the public train toilet :( they were out of order i was begining to think that this was some sort of joke i went back to my seat but it was hard to keep still. i couldn't help but squirm and try and cross my legs this way and that then the train came to a halt i looked out and there was no station in site. we were stuck there 15 aganising minutes. i was contemplating hitching my skirt up and letting go on the seat but refrained. i was leant forward leaning with on arm on the table try to read my book with difficulty with my other hand rammed between my legs wiggling all the time. i eventually got to my station which is only a small one and therefore of course has no toilets. the nearset ones were at my place a 15 minuet walk away up the hill. i set of think just a little longer i had to stop every now and again to bend slightly and then set off again. i eventually reached home ijust had to find my key and make it up three flights of stairs to my bathroom. i was wiggling and jiggling all the time (doing the pee pee dance). i found my key and opened the door. i stopped bent in double regained control, closed the door, made it to the stairs i had to stop again. i went up th stairs, why did i live in a house with so many stairs especially to the bathroom? it must have been the thought of been so close to the bathroom and to relief of my tortured bladder but it was getting harder and harder to hold on. i get to the bathroom hitched up my skirt barely had enough time to pull down my knickers sat on the loo and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

i passed the interview.

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Hey could u tell me how it felt the moment u let go?

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lolololo how bad was it h:):):):):):un :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):

I'll pay more attention when I'm interviewing in future, especially to candiates who've travelled a fair way!

Videos of women who need to pee very badly with their bursting bladders that always end up accidentally wetting their pants sometimes in public which is very embaressing. - Pee Desperation

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You're alot better at holding it than I am. If I'm on a 3 hour roadtrip with no bathroom I'll have an accident nearly every time.

WOW!! Well done to hold the full day. Your writing is really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

didn't spill any at all?

aww :'(

wow! did you hold it the whole day? i think your bladder was near to explode! how did it feels? hurts?

good morning, enjoyed your story!