Crossing My Legs And Grabbing My Crotch

I had to run to the drugstore today to get some prescriptions picked up, I figured I wouldnt be gone long so I didn't bother to pee before I left the house. I could feel my bladder getting fuller as I was making my way there, a 20 minute drive into town. I got out of the car and felt the sudden urge to pee I got control of myself and went into the store. I groaned a bit as i noticed the lineup at the prescription counter. 10 minutes later and i was moving from foot to foot crossing and uncrossing my legs. I really needed to pee. i didnt want to lose my place in line.
5 more minutes and I was at the counter and I grabbed onto it as a spasm rocked through me and shut my thighs shut as tight as i could and bent at my waist. there were about 4 people in line behind me and I didnt want them to see that i had to go so bad. the pressure on my bladder was getting really bad and all I wanted to do was stick my hand in my panties and grab myself. got my prescription in and they said a 15 minute wait. I thought, ok, I can make it. no problem, i will go over and sit and wait. NOT. I looked over to the chairs and they were full of people waiting. I walked over to a corner of the store and using my coat in front of me I grabbed myself with the other hand trying to push the pee back as much as i could.
I heard my name being called and I shuffled over to the pick-up counter. I was in full pee pee dance now and I couldn't stop. I got my meds and started out for the car. As soon as i got out the door the cold air hit me and i felt some pee squirt into my panties. I grabbed myself and ran to the car as fast as i could with my hand clenched on my crotch now. Before i could put the car in drive i had to gain control over my bladder. I was so desperate i couldn't believe it was this bad. i was doing the pee opee dance sitting in the car, unable to drive or do anything but thinking about what was about to happen. I pulled down my pants with one hand and stuck my hand in my panties, pressing as hard as i could with one hand and started to drive home.
15 minutes into the drive i was shaking so bad trying to hold myself when spurts of **** we coming out every couple of seconds. another 5 minutes and i am home. I pull into the driveway and have to get out of the car. i know that this will be the end of me having to stand up. the bag in my purse and on my shoulder ready for the mad dash I opened the door to the car. slowly turned in my seat and put my feet on the ground. I stood up and pee started coming out at an alarming rate. I shoved both my hands back to my crotch and ran like hell to the house. I could feel the warm pee filling my hands and escaping down my pants. I stopped at the door and wiggled around trying to stop the flow. It was too late at this point. I opened the front door and my bladder spasmed one last time as a strong jet stream kept coming and coming. I was standing in a puddle in the front entrance way now, soaked through my pants, into my socks and shoes. At least I made it home. Sort Of.....
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Great story. However, I can't stand all that agony, So I guess I "chicken out" and just the pee go! One of pee friends, ipmypantz, has videos he has taken where he is peeing in tight faded jeans whike buying cigarettes at a 7-11!

<p>Very hot. I love it. : ) Would have loved to see it happening even more though.

What an amazing, amazing post. I've enjoyed stories like this in the past, but this takes things to the next level.
Of all my fetishes, this "desperation" fetish, is the one I really really want to watch, in real life.
Just the mention, from a woman, who says " oh i really must pee", will make me want and desire her to hold it, for as long as she can, then unable to hold, any longer, watch, as you describe in this post, her failure to hold it in.
The little "spurts" and the grabbing - the moving from one leg to another.
The urge to **********, in order to stop the flow.

But eventually, her bladder will comply no longer - she cannot hold it.
And as she loses control, her underpants, and jeans, (i don't know what it is about girls peeing in tight jeans, but that is really erotic) eventually get soaked. As her pee, soaks her panties, her crotch area changes to that beautiful dark blue, shiny looking, and as her pee runs down her legs, dark streaks appear on her jeans.

At this point, she realizes it's pointless to try holding any longer, so voluntarily releases- and that "gush" of pee completes the soaking - wow - what an ace post youve put up here- I shall have that in my mind all day now - thanknyou very very much