Confession Letter

I wrote a letter to my neighbor confessing that i seen her nude in her bathroom window.The letter contained how it was an accident when it accured in the morning time as i let my dog out in the back yard about 5AMish.and how i froze in the light like a "Deer in headlights"But it also told her not to be ashamed or embarresed that i seen HER(im a him) I said in the letter "I havent told anyone, but if you want to discuss this with your husband of what happened . I`ll be glad to talk about it or you can respond back with another letter and it was a delight that i seen you that way as i seen it as eye-candy but not reflecting it as pervertion. I also continued in the letter that i also run around the house nude and i understand that once i was caught.I said i dont want this to change our neighbor-friend relationship.But i see her every morning before work in her yard and she hasnt even said Hello to me, we`ve been freindly neighbors for years...did i do wrong on writeing her and letting her know about this?....any help from a womens point?..can anyone comment please?
sickmen1 sickmen1
41-45, M
Jul 29, 2010