n leaves home early
other roomie doesnt even take trash out. I am going to talk about it.
at work
i tie my hair.
i give crakers to No and she hands me over the baliadas.
work starts
im not working tom
i get more work
mistake by someone in qa and I have to suffer.
i am quiet and only working
w not seen at luch and breaks.
i forgive sh. I eat with her and give her crakers.
I try being calm. i do what myboss asks me. i stay back
i say bye to w and leave.
i feel bad for w
i wish maus on her bday. its a coincidence
i commnet on a's pics and all others also do.
i listen to radio after work
pri tells me about job ope night before last night i reply back to her.
i am able to do the hip shimmy slowly now..yaayy.
i fb a lot.
i want to buy a cam.
newmsuv newmsuv
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2012