still upset with sh.
feel used.
dont talk t o her at work
tell her how i feel
she tells me she didnt mean to hurt me
i dont eat with her
w eats with me
i ask him why he eats now with me
only coz q isnt there
he explains
i eat late
i feel sleepy
i sleep late every night
my sample comes late, i take 6-20 bus
i maintain my cool and do it
i take the bus.
go to supermarket, cvs, buy crac for no, groceries, banana milkshare
meet bus sstop guy and talk to him
i go home
n doesnt wish me
its ok
i feel sad later
wonder why i am here
i shud goback
listent o old movie songs mara
miss my granny

roommie doesnt wash my spoon.
i fb
put radio on
i feel better
newmsuv newmsuv
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2012