feel motivated
w stops me and tells me he accpmolished a lot of things
he's also going to buy a book for himself
i like him but cannot say anything because I dont want to play with his feelings
i dont want to use him
work's good
during brak, i offer fruit to a freind
receptionsit does something that triggers my depression
i feel lonely
and depressed
i hate myself
w writes back int  the eve that he likes his gf
it kills me inside
but i cant do anything
why me??? why do i have to be the one who neeer gets any love
saw t-n's pics with hub
mad_s photo cover
qu doesnt talk properly
seems like a distance hes keeping
suuupoosed to collect docs
theres no change in life
i feel stuck
and lonely

but trying to read abt work, then sad songs,sleep
basil pesto tastes great

newmsuv newmsuv
26-30, F
Apr 10, 2012