past few days have been different. I have started speaking my mind and letting people know how i feel and what I want. I have tried to engage myself into painting, drawing, sketching, I love painting th emmost. My friend was fired and went away frm me. I was luckily able to hide the pain. Iwould fb wirh him and share my thoughts na feelings wirhh him and hence didnot really ep much. But he is gone from my jov and our chats have also reduced. I have reduced phone conversations wirh him. He also likes someone else. so... another freind is also going to leave. I feel very lonely today. cuz finihsed her grad. i wish i had grad and made my parenst proud. I hate my lofe. I am so lonely. I wish I had tried harder earlier. I feel stuck with no real direction. i really need a miracle. i feel old and ugly, my bacj hurts. my paintings suck. i hate mysled. none likes me and i am alone here. no one cares for me. i am a loser. listeining to christina perri's song lonely.
newmsuv newmsuv
26-30, F
May 13, 2012