I Drank Lots of Liquids...

...and went pee a lot, something i began doing after my excruciatingly painful kidney stone in 1990.
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In 1998 I had an infection too. I way drinking way too much coffee and alcohol and no water. And it was the summer too. So now I drink a lot of water, especially in the summer. Good for you.

My kidney stone and the pieces of the other from up in my right kidney that i had to go to Albany Medical Center to have lithotrypsyed - disintegrated with sound waves in water underi anesthesia were composed of oxylates, found in chocolate, spinach, and tea. I'd been drinking four or five mugs of ice tea mix on the midnight shift and not much else. In fact, i'd thought they wouldn't find our what it was because my strict orders after the lithotrypsy was to pee through a shallow, cone-shaped screen every time i went so i could catch the pieces to be analyzed, but it wasn't long before the inconvenience of taking a new screen to go pee through each time plus dispose of it became such a pain in the *** that i soon stopped using the screens. When i told the doctor that on my next checkup, he had the nurse give me two large, plastic jugs that each had a pre-measured amount of other liquid in (preservative?) to go pee in until each was full. That's how they analyzed and found the high concentration of oxylates. I tell all my friends on ep - especially the several teen girls who love me and admire me as their friend (as i do them)who i question and tell me they go pee four or five times in twenty-four hours - to drink enough liquids, primarily plain water, so they go pee at least once every two to three hours, and that their pee (like mine always is) should be almost as clear as water. After the excruciating pain of the stone traveling down my left ureter and the frightening shock i received when the nurse told me to get off the emergency room gurney and stand and give her a urine sample and when i peed in a beaker my pee came out looking like pure blood, I never again want kidney stones, and it'll only take once to get these people who boast of going pee only three or four times a day to multiply their water intake!

Gosh! sounds like hell! sounds painful :O