Trying To Say No A Bit More...

Are you one of those who has a difficult time saying NO? I have struggled with this for as long as I know, but as I creep into my 40's I want to make a change. I find I want to do things that I want to do and not always be the go to person because everyone knows I will do what they ask. I especially have a hard time saying no at work and with my family, but I'm taking one day at a time. Not that I don't want to be helpful, but I find my time off is usually eaten up by either running here or picking this or that up, or checking in on this person or that...So, today my husband asked me if I could change  my appt. so that I could be available to pick up our dogs from the groomer. I said, no. He's getting use to the "no" answer as he's been the one I've been doing the most testing on. LOL  I say no and smile. : )

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I do the same with friends and elders when there are plenty of others that can do it.Since the big 40 b'day i find myself saying No also.

That is good. There's a good thing in saying no but don't say not all the time. If you know you can help, do it. But don't let no one take advantage of your kindness.

I for one, also experieced difficulty on having to say no. <br />
I'm still trying to change myself and I hope I'd be able to do it.<br />
I guess I'll start with minor things too...