I Don't Know Why I Did It ?

I was moving in an auto today . there are four people sit in the middle row in india. I was the second. Next to me was a old lady of abt 70 years. Next to her on the other side was a lady of about 33 years old . She was very ordinary looking with a 3 yrs old child with her .
My hand was on the back rest and behind the back of that lady . While the auto gave jerk in way my hand touched body of that . She body shivered and she bite her lower lip with her teeth. I saw it and I was shocked.It gave me enough courage . I extended my hand a bit and reached in between her arms and the side of her breast. For nearly half an hour I played with her breast and she was moaning with joy with closed eyes.
I know it was wrong but I don't know why I did it .
ranchiamit ranchiamit
31-35, M
3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Very nice, I'm guessing you aren't shy. :)

thanx lily . i still wonder she was moaning

Good erotic adventure