Experience With My 4th Guru

I Recently joined ART OF LIVING.Last month while I was looking for some course for meditation.There were many doubts in my mind. But then I thought of doing some course whose GURU is still bodily present on earth since my 1st THREE GURUS are not bodily present. Cant mention them. then in last month I joined basic course. It took away all my sadness and filled me with real joy. I can not express it but if someone wants to be joyous I think he/she should do at least basic course. And Sudarshan Kriya is a greatest gift that SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR have given this world. Then with this experience I moved on for Advance course that is part 2. It was 4 days residential course .You wont believe it but it was magic.And it turned my life inside out.It changed my whole view to see life and tackle so called problems which are actually opportunity for us to grow.Course had many processes which will took away much of misery in my life and kriya is helping me for more.I used to be very angry but kind and somewhat senty type but it made me very loving,more kind and more practical being.IU can not repay SR SRI's debt but I suggest everyone who are reading this story at least have this experience. JAI GURUDEV.
traveller07 traveller07
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013