Wearing A Girls Gym Suit

I was 12 in ( in 1995) when I first started getting a fascination with girls gym wear. In after school care 2 girls did after school Gymnastics. I can remember looking at them in their uniforms all shinny and tight. It made me think wow they look great I want one. In the end I stole one off one of the girls as there was no other way for me to get one. I wore this during the cold days in winter under my normal school uniform. It felt great! nice and tight, kept me warm too. At first it only started with one. then a few years later I bought a few from the local K-mart when I saw them in the school wear section. I had I think 3 at that stage. They lasted fairly well, altho lost their shine after a few years. 
I discovered E-bay in 2003. Since then I think I have a collection of about 20-30. I usually wear them at night. My partner loves the feel of them on me and says I look sexy in them :)
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Is the one piece girls gym suit like a swimsuit or more of a leotard style? I remember that the girls wore two pieces when I was younger.

it was a one piece leotard with long sleeves