The Accident

One morning my pops was driveing me to school so it took a while to get there well on this morning there was allot of traffic i was rolling down the window leting the wind blow on my face i put on my headphones and turned on my cd player i was looking at all the cars zoom past us we got stuck in a long line of traffic we saw trucks doing u turns around my grandpa said we should turn around and find another way to get to austin. ok i said . so he turned around all of a sudden i saw a shiny white truck comeing fast and my body froze cold seeping through my skin my muscles tightend i couldnt speak my words chocked in my throat then i moved my legs fast to the left so thay wouldnt get crushed then boom we got hit i opend my eyes it was like in slow motion i saw glass in the air my grandpas body moveing in his seat like crazy i closed my eyes it stoped i screamed i dont know why the pain was so rigid my legs hurt like they were ran over by a 18 wheeler my body ached in pain my head trobing i saw a white light as if it was my time to face god and enter his gates of heaven but then the light whent away i sucked in air it hurt to breath my arms full of scratches and blood my fingers bleeding i couldnt move my granpa said oh my god are you ok this is my fault im sorry i looked to my left the window was broken the white truck close next to our black jeep that use to be so pretty now wrecked in grief my granpa called the ambulance they came fast they had to pull me out and onto a stretcher i whent to the hospital and i hurt my back and legs i healed over time with medicine now im healthy as a horse but i wont forget that day neither will my grandpa that lady never stoped on her brakes she kept going that is my first story so i hoped you liked it.
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Im not really good at writing stories so its probaly not perfect