Grey's Anatomy Finale

Such a silly topic BUT i sadly admit to being a Grey's Anatomy fanatic. My son and i eagerly anticipated the 2 hour season finale, which in the past have been AMAZING. This year, as all of you who watched it, they centred everything on Addison. Now don't get me wrong, i love her character BUT darn it, not enough was given to us with regards to the rest of the characters!! lol. As i said silly in the grand scheme of things but it is this silly outlet that keeps me from going INSANE!! So we watched the 2 hour episode, eagerly awaiting to maybe find out tha Addison was already pregnant via her little trist in the closest with Alex ..... but no :( We kept waiting to see when they would finally put the 2 plot lines together, so we could watch for the characters that we had fallin in ove with, end up with the end of the season. Darn we waited for 2 hours AND it never happened!! Sure we saw Alex have a tender moment, and perhaps start falling in love with the patient who lost her memory, and we saw McDreamy give Meredith another chance, McSteamy do something unMcSelfish ;) We got a glimpse at Christine, despite the nightmare wedding production starting to realize that perhaps she really does love Burke, and we saw Burke (who due to his real life behaviour, i now find it hard to enjoy his character) show compassion for Christine, we saw *cutie putie* as Rosie would put it, George, do the RIGHT thing as he always does. BUT where the heck was the REAL season finale??????

UNLESS they take that new group of Doctor's and Characters, which were ALL excellent AND spin it off into a new program, starting like TOMORROW, i will be completely disappointed with their season finale. I'm sure we will see the Doctor, that got Addison to remember that she is STILL very desirable, (aka Dr. McAddy), even if she can not biologically have her own child, on the series next year ..... BUT i'm putting my foot down, lol!! There better be a new program, with what happened from that series finale, or i will be ticked off!! LOL. Afterall i have now invested 2 hours to an entire new (yes seen before) fantastic set of actors and characters, AND hell my time is priceless, i do not take my season finale's lightly!!

WELL, since i have ranted about it, i feel better, AND even if a new series isn't spun off, which i personally think would be stupid NOT too, as i see that being a program of GREAT interest, i will eventually forgive Shondra, lol, yes i know her well!! hehe and will eagerly await the season premieer like all Grey's Anatomy fanatics, that probably won't start until Nov 12 or something, afterall that seems to be the trend, make the great programs start later in the season, and keep the viewers on their toes, lol. BUT if NOTHING comes out of last night then I sure as hell better see Ugly Betty walk into the Hosipital with Daniel in Grey's Anatomy season premier next year!!

AHHHHHHHHH, now i can get on with my day!! OPINIONS anyone??? hehe

AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 4, 2007