lost family

I didn't attend my Mum's funeral because of three reasons. I was severely depressed and had huge issues with leaving the house, my father who divorced her broke her heart and left her without dignity in a horrible hosptial and still thought he had a right to go to her funeral (even tho he did not and has not emotionally supported me about her death) and because my sister and her husband Peter didn't allow me to help with arrangements, arrogantly presuming they had all her wishes in hand (we also had lists)and because she bled to death after they moved her from her home town and to a worse hospital. A hospital so bad they don't take their kids to it.

They stopped her from getting radiotherapy which when I went to the original hospital they wanted to get going straight away which had an 80 percent chance of stopping her bleeding out of her bag which was happening alot but my sister thought best and stopped contact with her specialist. Mum wanted the treatment but Em persuaded her she was too ill so mum ended up bleeding to death not knowing that it was my sister and gp who stopped the treament she wanted Dr Jackson and cried to us that he had left her to die, when he was puzzled why she wasnt going to appointments

. After this my brother in law 2 days after mum died later rang to say he hated me,called me a liar and admitted to sending malicious texts to my work. My dad is yet to say anything about it to me, this is 6 months on, thanks George, I love you too. My family killed off someone they thought had had enough when she was still fighting, then gave her a mickey mouse 30 min crem not even near where she lived because it was closer for them to go home afterwards.

My family left me the night my Mum died I have no-one but my other half who is being dragged into it by my dad and sis who are her bosses making her life hell at work. I want to kill myself but I need to wait until I can make sure no money goes to them, I love them,sent cards Christmas and birthday presents to the kids but my sister just ignores me but they cant love me. My life is over. I am worthless. They are doing to me what they did to Mum, but now walk around weeping about a woman they left to rot for over a decade. I want to die so the pain and loneliness stops.

I loved her and would love to know where her remains are but no-one will tell me

Hurtbythemall Hurtbythemall
41-45, F
May 8, 2012