her name is..like the title says. She was my bestfriend. My name is Joshua, and this is my story...

We first "met" on July 16, 2009. 3 days before my birthday. We got along well, and we became very close very fast. It was impossible for me to have her as my girlfriend, because she already had a boyfriend. But I was happy and contented with that, as long as we talked, hanged out a lot, it was ok. We shared both serious and senselees but funny things like..how people were jerks for polluting the sea, and global warming. And her dream of..making ariplane harbors with a small 7-11 store near it above the clouds. Like I said, senseless but funny. But I liked it!

It was the literally the best days of my life. That was the first time I got really close to a girl. She was very cute, carismatic and a little childish. But she was mature, inside and out. I was 17, and she was 15 that looked like an 18-year old girl. Sometimes my parents would scold me for coming home late after our being with her. I felt regret, of course. But I was still happy.

It was on september of the same year. We spent our last day beside the sea- eating nachos and sipping on "buko pandan"[a Philippine flavor. I am Filipino] shake. She swore to me that we would always be bestfriends. A few days after that, she stopped contacting me suddenly. She never called or texted, and i never saw her again on our favorite place. No matter what day or time I tried, she never appeared again. I knew her favorite place, where she spent time with her uncle and her relatives. But the place was always open at late night, and my parents never allowed me to go. But sometimes I would still try, altough still in vain. i prayed, i asked my friends if they knew. i searched everywhere, asked everyone. i even contacted her uncle, but he too didn't reply. i was desperate, broken and crestfallen. i was missing her so bad that almost everyday, i wrote songs to compensate my emotions.

The worst part, is that I still cling to everything we did. I never got over it until now. I still call and text her, reminiscence my first and last day with her. And my best time with her- running under the rain, smiling and laughing, not a care in the world. on June 15, 2010, I'll hopefully see her again in class. To whoever has read this, please give me your thoughts and advices...

"..being best friends is a lot like playing the guitar- one hand makes the movement, while the other controls the melody. I'm missing my melody..."

happened during we were shopping, she was checking out the clothes, and the store cloerk asked me:

clerk: "sir? is she your girlfriend"

me: "haha..uhhm..no, just my bestfriend!"

but "bestfriend" wasn't the word i wanted to say..it was...
bluevoyage bluevoyage
18-21, M
Jul 12, 2010