The Test I've Been Harping About

Surprises, right?

I'm not beating up myself for getting sympathies. They don't really do one good.

But i won't say i wasn't responsible to some extent. Sure i studied more, finished all the books, overcame my procrastination to some extent, learned to be more careful, some opinions about life and people were changed(but that's a process that never has really beginnings and ends, does it?), But if i had started it even earlier, who knows it might have gone better than this.

Right now its a fact that i messed up most of the math portion(the largest one) and for the English portion i didn't have enough time left to it do more than round about half. It was a smaller portion of the test(anyone know the antonym for Motley and the synonym for Balk?), chemistry and physics went well.

Of course there's another fact that i fell sick three days before the test(And still am. fever that fluctuates rapidly and infection in mouth and stomach). But that sounds like such a stupid thing to say on the internet to people who don't really know and might think its some sort of justification i'm making to cover things up. The regular I-fell-ill excuse.

I might as well have lied that "it went great!! =D"... But there's no use doing that. It didn't. Not quite.

But I won't whine over it.

There are other tests coming up too. And tomorrow i'm going to a bigger hospital because this treatment does not seem to be working.
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I dont know if i failed. Yet. Thanks though :)

I dont know if i failed. Yet.

I know its you! :)<br />
<br />
I just read this comment.<br />
<br />
I'm ok now, don't worry. :)<br />
<br />
Yeah it was serious i think.<br />
<br />
I still sleep a lot, have headaches etc but its just weakness and i'm eating a lot. Drinking loads of water, being almost as much of a clean freak as my sister so i think i'll be better than before in no time :)

*hugs both*<br />
thanks people :)<br />
<br />
It really is Malaria.<br />
<br />
The blood test didn't show it but the docs think it is. and me too. I'll get right soon.<br />
<br />
<br />
i couldn't do it well, so what. i hope i can make it somewhere else.<br />
*hugs everyone*

Best to you, life is full of tests and challenges. We sometimes, can be our harshest critics. Your an intelligent person beyond your age, more so that may be measured on a test page. Hope you feel better FFW. :)

the antonym for Motley = same<br />
the synonym for Balk = recoil<br />
Don't worry.... there will be many more exams in life. I remember having to work full=time to support myself whilst studying fulltime, I didn't do well in some exams and was very ill at the time. I thought my world would end, but life goes on.... you have goals, move to the next phase..<br />
hugsssssssssssss<br />