Let's Fix That Then! Who's Nearby?

I don't mean a virtual kiss. I mean a real kiss. I want one this year. I'm trying to find out about events and such, but I want to try to get to a gay event ideally, as then I'll have a much better chance of a kiss probably than if I were to go to a normal event and try to find a lesbian (who also wants a kiss and also doesn't already have one and also finds me attractive).

Because... damnit, this could be my best chance for some sexual experience! Starting with a kiss at a time like that, surely something's bound to happen! I'm so ripe for it. Just need to know where to go, is all. I'm in Cornwall (UK) and I don't have much money.

Actually, I have come up with a few ideas just now. Gonna check those out. Anyway, just putting this story up because... well... you never know! Can't do any harm now can it?
Torthrodhel Torthrodhel
26-30, F
Dec 27, 2011