3 More Chances!

So I was possibly the geekiest high school student ever.  Have you ever seen Napoleon Dynamite?  Well, I dressed kind of like Napoleon's internet chatroom-obsessed , failed-to-launch older brother, Kip: polo shirt buttoned all-the-way up, tucked into khakis, which were hiked up just a little too high, and glasses.  It was a pretty special look, and I added my own twist to it: senior year, I decided I needed to be a little more relaxed, so I wore a plaid flannel short over it, kind of like a sports jacket.  Needless to say, the girls weren't exactly clamoring to have me ask them to the prom.

I was pretty good about participating in school activities, and pretty soon it came time for us to select our school's Rose Festival princess.  The girls were selected to compete for the honor based on looks, while the guys who escorted them were chosen for their grades.  I definitely had no problem there, and pretty soon I was hanging out with the popular girls at the pre-festival assembly, one of whom told me (probably as a joke, although I'm still not sure to this day) that she wished I was escorting her.  Well, I took this as a hint, and wrote her a nice letter asking her if she'd like to go to prom with me.  She wrote a nice letter back, saying that she already had a date, but to save a dance for her, and ask her for a date later (which actually happened... won't get into that)  I was pretty discouraged, but my best friend told me that another girl I knew was dateless, and that I should ask her.  After chewing a piece of mint gum to freshen up by braces-challenged breath, I walked into the library to ask this second potential date.  The reply: I'm waiting to hear from someone else, but if he turns me down, I'll go with you.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but when she told me a couple days later that she indeed would go with the other guy, and that she'd "find someone for me to go with," I completely gave up.  In retrospect, I should have taken my parents' advice, and asked my stand partner from orchestra... to cite a common cliched expression, hindsight is 20-20!

I'm starting law school next year which, I'm told, is a lot like high school.  And yes, the law school even holds an annual prom.  So it looks like I've got three more chances!

jpmyers jpmyers
Apr 24, 2010