My Mistake.......

I didn't get to graduate high school because I was short on credits and it was all my fault. I never cared for school when I went to middle I just had an I dont give a **** attitude. I failed 8th grade because I didn't pass my istep tests. I barely passed 8th grade the 2nd time but I did..... 9th grade comes along and I was doing fine for 3 and half months, then the last month of 1st semester I ended up getting expelled for the rest of the semester. Again it was all my fault,well kind of. I got expelled for threatening to kill my best friend and when the cops took me to my locker they found ciggs and pills that was my friends. Luckily I got to go home with my parents, even though I didn't want to because my dad was super pissed and I was afraid. I came back 2nd semester, the principal had a close eye on me, but I didn't care I was still causing trouble, just not as bad. 10th and 11th grade I made it through but I was causing a whole bunch of trouble and I thought I was going to be expelled again. Well 12th grade comes...It was only the 1st full week of school and I ended up getting expelled for the whole semester. Thats 4 months of no school. I thought my dad was going to ground my *** for good but luckily in a way he didn't care because I was out of that school and not causing trouble. I didn't earn my 8 credits so i was short on 7 credits of graduating. But in a way I think the last expulsion was a blessing because that's when I got with my fiance and out of all my abusive relationships I kept getting myself into. Even though I didn't graduate, it's ok. I'm on my way of getting my ged and that is all that really matters to me. If people are wondering why I got expelled my senior year...well an ex best friend brought a milk bottle to school and it had pepsi mixed with whiskey in it and it was in my locker and my ex snitched on me even though I wasnt drinking at all because the police made me do a breath alizer test and i blew a 0.00. So i didnt get arrested and i got to go home with my parents.
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Well.. I guess somebody is a rebel.