Im Scared Of The Dark

I cant really tell you every bad thing that happened in my childhood because if i did then id of written a book so ill just tell you one thing for now.
When i was around 5 years old my parents would sent me to bed around 6 oclock when it was still light outside. I would just sit on my window sill looking out the window at the other kids still playing in the back ally and wishing that i could still be out there. Id done that for nights on end but this night id got caught just sitting there, i doing anything wrong in my eyes, i wasnt drawing on walls or making a noise. Any way my parents caught me and shouted out me to get down and the next day they boarded my window up from the inside to stop me from sitting on it. when i went to bed that night, it was pitch black in my bedroom, like my eyes where permently close. i kept coming out of my bedroom crying because i was frightened so to stop me they put a lock on the outside of my bedroom door so that i couldnt open it. After that i kept having nightmares with my eyes open, i could see the queens guards on horses marching over me and a cat climbing up the wall next to me, i was terrified of cats. i was sent to a shrink but was warned not to say about the board on my window. i still hate the dark now.
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Sounds like weve both been through it but at least weve broke the chain and not put our own through the same thing. :)

Yeah weve both done well concidering.. Now bugger off and enjoy your night and stop being so bloody nosy. Lol. Laters... :)