I've Never Had One

for some reason i always end up single on valentines day :(


it sucks because i'd really like to have a valentine once, just once.

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lol hahaha wooot!!!<br />
<br />
ya thats true<br />
<br />
thank u

first off, i would like to say holy **** i see another ferret lover here :3! HURAAh<br />
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and now to the thing we like to call on topic ^^...<br />
<br />
well ye its not fun to be singel on valintine thats for sure... but just do like i did go to a movie and wonder why the hell there are so many hearts every where.<br />
<br />
get it? treat it like anyother day... just abit wierd anyother one ;D

lol yes i am

jeez such a girl!,,,

cuz im sensitive lol

Why did you feel bad?

yes cuz i felt bad

you said awww....


What? you getting sissy on me?


I been alone my entire life so i have never felt a special bond with this day. Most people who are alone feel a sadness, but i don't feel that either. It is just another day.


I'm single, but I asked my friend to be my valentine. But anyhow the older I get the more I feel like it's not a big deal as long as you look down at your feet and not look up to see couples holding hands. lol.jk.

i think so too!

lol i'll keep that in mind

hahaha thank you

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