It Sucks

ive never had a valentine. i woke up on valentines day morning at a party and realized i was the only person who had slept alone. everyone else had a date with them.

trainrek trainrek
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I always seem to be alone on valentines day how depressing everyone has got one and I'm the only one who hasn't it sucks !!

Me neither, but for the 1st time, I dont care. I've never recieved a ,mystery valentines card. Happy singleton's valentine's or anti valentine's, lol!

That's the way it goes. I haven't had a Valentine for a long time. I usually get depressed when I give out gifts to friends and they don't appreciate my kindness. I don't do that anymore. I enjoy my day with myself. If someone wants to appreciate me then great, if they don't, they're loss.