I'm so thin (BMI of 17) that doctors have occasionally asked if I eat well enough. I eat like a horse. I also don't have any thyroid problems. Nor any major health problems, really. People don't quite get it, but then again, neither do I.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2007

I hear ya! The only time I ever reached the minimum "Ideal" weight for my height was at 9 months pregnant! I eat well and have an active, healthy lifestyle, but have just never been able to gain weight. It seems to affect others way more than it ever has me. I guess people always look for something to pinpoint and make a fault. God bless you!

My older sister was the same way all throughout high school. For her biology class, she had to track daily caloric intake, and she matched the football pla<x>yers, but several people asked her if she was anorexic...