I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was sixteen and told that it would be nearly possible for me to conceive. When I turned eighteen I met my significant other, Michael. As the years passed and we grew closer the fear of never having a child really started to gnaw at me. I have wanted nothing more in life really than to be a mother.

August 22, 2010 I was working alone and slipped on a wet patch at work that someone hadn't cleaned up. I hit my head and ended up going to the Emergency Room to find out if I had a concussion. Michael and I waited in the waiting room from 7 pm to 12 am just to get a room. They took me back, got my information and had me take a urine test. An hour later Michael over heard "possible pregnancy". I didn't hear it and I told him they must be mistaken or that it was probably another patient. They came in and took me to get my C.T. scan for my head. I was asked to sign a paper stating that I accepted the possible risk to the fetus. I said I wanted them to take me back and do a blood test. This would take an hour but I wanted to know for sure before agreeing to anything that may harm my "future child". This test took us up to 2 am. They came in and confirmed it. Mentioned that my HCG levels were signifying that I was at the beginning of my pregnancy, about five weeks.

I called and made an appointment with my OB/GYN. Thinking I was so early I set the date a few weeks away. I really wanted to see the little one though so I called around to some places that I knew they trained students to do sonograms. I got in on September 11, 2010 for free! I would have two students and a trained technician in the room along with Michael. They couldn't find the "little blob" of a baby for five minutes and they figured perhaps the little one was still too small to see. Usually around six weeks is when the fetus becomes more visible. Then the trained technician said," Wait a minute, could you please use the restroom and come back. I can't tell but I think you are further along then we are thinking you are." I went, came back and laid down. She said, "There that's much better, see, there is the spine, the femur, here is the head and ear. You are about 33 weeks pregnant."

I was so shocked and instantly overwhelmed that I burst into tears. As soon as they were done with their training, yeah they didn't stop to let me think it through and I didn't stop them because they were so excited, I called my dad. He just laughed and said that I have never stopped surprising and amazing him.

Not long after did I start to get a belly! It was so big! It didn't stop me from working though. I moved very easily, walked up all three flights of stairs to my house a few times a day. I was very healthy, happy and ready to learn all I could in such a short amount of time.
My due date was set for November 7, 2010. However, the night of October 26, 2010 my water broke and Michael and I headed off to the hospital. I was in labor for 17 hours before they decided to do a C-section due to the fact my pelvic bones were too small to pass the baby. At 5:54 pm on October 27, 2010 Michael and I became parents to our beautiful daughter, Cassandra Aberlin.
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What a beautiful name!! Very feminine :-))

Congratulations. a very happy ending x

what a lovely name you chose!

Thank you!

now your little baby will be 2 years old but this a really cute story. it feel so refreshing when surprises are that nice.

hey thts a lovely story which u have actually experienced i am sory for ur labour but ur lucky to hav dat child

what an amazing story!! congratulations :) ur baby will make u very happy! I too have PCOS

I love both your stories and wish you the best of luck be ready with a ba<x>seball bat for when she is older by the front door .

congratulation for your daughter, you and michael :)

Wow, what a beautiful, incredible story =) x

I felt her moving but I thought I had like IBS or something. Stupid I know but I found an answer for every symptom. I thought I had IBS, an over active bladder and since I was so tired I thought I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. Sad lol and funny but all too true. I even convinced myself it was trophioblastic tumors that made my pregnancy test results positive. Never did I believe there was a baby! lol

Thank you so very much! She is such a blessing!

That's amazing! Estoy tan feliz para ti!

Congratulations! No it doesn't ever go away it just becomes more manageable with weight loss and proper eating habits, exercise, etc... She was born the 27th.

Cassandra is a lovely name. congrats on your daughter :)

Thank you!!!

Wow congratulations. Take care, dear.

Congratulations!!!<br />