6 Months Postpartum

(Please read my story "SURPRISE" first if you haven't) So Cassandra is 6 months old now... Lately I have been having a very difficult time discussing the "pregnancy" or even hearing about other people's pregnant experiences. I am also finding it very difficult for me to hear anything or watch anything about labor stories. This has become such a touchy topic for me and I am tried of crying about it. I know that I have a precious little one and that is what the whole "ordeal" is all about. However, I can shake this mood I am in. I try not to let it bother me too much but sometimes it just really gets to me. I keep telling myself how my next pregnancy will be different. That I will know and that I will be able to enjoy it. I just feel like I got ripped off. I think it sounds like a stupid thing to complain about but I do. This story is mindless babble right now honestly. I apologize in advance to my readers.
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don't worry you will be a great mom

I want to read more of your feelings. Having a child, a baby inside you is wonderful. I'm a Dad and I love my children. Never had the feeling of one in my tummy. Be happy. Raise your child with good morals, never steal from others, NEVER use drugs. A mind is a terrible thing to waste on drugs. You believe me ? AnnettesMaid

That's great that you were able to write it down here. Do not blame or judge yourself.

Just read the story you've written again. Imagine, that you're not the author, but just want to comment it. Take a distance from this situation and make your decision personally.

And well, I think everything was too quick, the pregnancy was a shock for you, and you didn't have enough time to set your mind to the idea of your motherhood. Go on -- you do not have any way back. Keep going. The way of motherhood is very difficult, but it is very honorous.

Good luck.

I can certainly see how you might feel ripped off by finding out you were pregnant There is so much you could have looked forward to and done had you known. I so get that.

Many Blessings my friend.............:)

You are the best Ari! I love and so truly appreciate you dear friend! :D

Is this a case of belated post natal depression J. ? Just a thought.

Whatever it is I'm so sorry that you're going through it.

I know that you love being Cassandra's Mum, I just wish that you weren't in whatt seems to be a dense fog unable to enjoy your happiness to it's fullest. As with some others it is very frustrating not being able to help you.

There is nothing for you to apologise for, your feelings are what they are and as such, perfectly legitimate.

You may already know this young J. But if there is anything I can do to help you, you have only to ask.

Here for you always Love Ari xxx .