6 Months Postpartum

(Please read my story "SURPRISE" first if you haven't) So Cassandra is 6 months old now... Lately I have been having a very difficult time discussing the "pregnancy" or even hearing about other people's pregnant experiences. I am also finding it very difficult for me to hear anything or watch anything about labor stories. This has become such a touchy topic for me and I am tried of crying about it. I know that I have a precious little one and that is what the whole "ordeal" is all about. However, I can shake this mood I am in. I try not to let it bother me too much but sometimes it just really gets to me. I keep telling myself how my next pregnancy will be different. That I will know and that I will be able to enjoy it. I just feel like I got ripped off. I think it sounds like a stupid thing to complain about but I do. This story is mindless babble right now honestly. I apologize in advance to my readers.
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don't worry you will be a great mom

I want to read more of your feelings. Having a child, a baby inside you is wonderful. I'm a Dad and I love my children. Never had the feeling of one in my tummy. Be happy. Raise your child with good morals, never steal from others, NEVER use drugs. A mind is a terrible thing to waste on drugs. You believe me ? AnnettesMaid

That's great that you were able to write it down here. Do not blame or judge yourself.<br />
Just read the story you've written again. Imagine, that you're not the author, but just want to comment it. Take a distance from this situation and make your decision personally.<br />
And well, I think everything was too quick, the pregnancy was a shock for you, and you didn't have enough time to set your mind to the idea of your motherhood. Go on -- you do not have any way back. Keep going. The way of motherhood is very difficult, but it is very honorous.<br />
Good luck.

I can certainly see how you might feel ripped off by finding out you were pregnant There is so much you could have looked forward to and done had you known. I so get that.

Many Blessings my friend.............:)

You are the best Ari! I love and so truly appreciate you dear friend! :D