Sunday Stroll .....

Sun on my face , happy tunes , in my head ...... I wonder round the Sunday market , stalls set out with a vast array of goods  , clothes , books , tools , and the inevitable mobile phone repair unblocker type things ...... Shady characters with copied software discs hang on the corners.

Next to the wee old lady selling a range of Religious pictures, beads and candles  depicting Christ  at many stages of his life ... the perception of a grotto to an aging faithful who's coppers will never reach the mother church ......  He stands erect, brown corduroy  trousers sit just so above a shiny pair of brogues , his clipped moustache raised  at the corner of his mouth were his pipe protrudes , checked shirt ironed and tweed Tye set  with Windsor nought , the Barbour wax jacket and cloth cap complete the image ...... In his open suit case atop a folding chair nestled in the crushed velvet curtain of deep purple , His collection of car bumper badges polished with care placed with precision for best effect ......  The young pass without a glance .... mothers with young in trail to shod and clothe pay no heed . His first customer appears a different yet comparable companion from the bygone age of gentleman and automobiles ....... a brew of hot tea is poured from the tartan flask  whilst  banter  is exchanged, before the toast a wee snifter is added from the customers silver hip flask. From inside his  overcoat a small white cloth bag containing a similar artifact is produced , gleaming bright under the lights  almost dimmed by smiles as badges are swapped and hands shaken. No secure web page here , pay pal not required .........

another example from the time of gentlemen and automobiles .

I didn,t know people still did that ............ 

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Enjoy a sunday market too, but never seen anything like that.

Thanks O .... nice shade by the way

Nice story S

Thanks C it is indeed an art form which sadly is disappearing .....<br />
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Wiseowl sorry just saw your post thanks for commenting ...

Reminds me of the negotiations between farmers when one has a piece of equipment no longer used and another needs it. There is a verbal dance which takes place for the exchange and a culture as old as man himself in the flow of its parlance. <br />
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Nicely told.

I just found this post..very good. I read it a couple of times to soak up the favorite read of the day. Thanks..

Thanks Lv , nothing better than having a natter with the people in the market .....

Where I live, we still do that, no paypal, no internet shopping, no ebay!

Thank you G

Beautifully descriptive, Salar! I could almost see the picture you painted.

Why thank you LJ ......<br />
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